My Story

A couple months after my second son was born, I decided that I wanted to ensure that I could really give my boys and my husband the life we truly deserved and wanted.  I knew to accomplish this that I needed to add something to my work life.  In my searching for opportunities I was shown a Scentsy warmer by my sister but previous to that had not even heard of the company. I thought the idea and the warmer we beautiful and loved all of the safety and variety the world of Scentsy offered, so I thought I would take a chance and jump feet first into the Scentsy Family.  That was November 2012 and since then I had continued to broaden my portfolio to include Scentsy, and Velata. To this day the first warmer I purchased is still in my kitchen, although warmers adorn my house is almost every room, and the smell of Sunkissed Citrus makes me smile as it was the start to this wonderful journey. <!--endbody-->